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Modifications: Stretch CV5800

Kelowna Flightcraft Convair® Stretch 5800: An efficient, noise and emissions effective solution.

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Kelowna Flightcraft R&D Ltd. proudly presents the Convair 5800. Kelowna Flightcraft R&D Ltd. is part of the Kelowna Flightcraft Group of Companies, which has been maintaining and operating Convair Aircraft for over fifteen years, and was five years developing and certifying the Convair 5800 with the assistance of Allison and General Dynamics.


    • Kelowna Flightcraft R&D Ltd., Allison Gas Turbine and General Dynamics teamed to launch the Convair 5800 Program.
    • Proven Convair Model 340, 440, and 580 Airplanes converted with a fourteen foot, three inch stretch to provide increased capacity.
    • The Convair 5800 is powered by the Allison 501-D22G (Series III) Propjet Engine, derated to 4300 TSHP
    • 22,000 pound payload with 750 statute miles payload range capability.
    • 325 miles per hour cruise speed.
    • Honeywell Sperry SPZ-4500 Digital EFIS and integrated flight control system.
    • Meets Stage III noise requirements.
    • The Convair 5800 offers small package carriers the flexibility to carry high-gross-weight payloads with a large cabin volume.
    • The right aircraft, at the right time, with a significantly lower price than a new equivalent aircraft.
    • Aircraft produced under STC SA 6088 NM.


    • Allison 501-D22G Engine
    • Hamilton Standard 54H60-164 Propeller
    • Advanced Flight Deck - Honeywell EFIS
    • Reconditioned Airframe - Projected life in excess of 100,000 hours
    • Modern, all new lightweight electrical wiring
    • AD compliance update
    • Passenger Model - 78 seats, modern wide body interior with overhead bins
    • All new flight control system cables
    • Dual point underwing pressure refueling
    • GTC with 95 Amp auxiliary DC Alternator
    • Cargo or Combi Model - approved Class E cabin
    • Roller floor system
    • Cabin floor loading of 150 lbs/sq.ft.
    • 120 inch cargo door
    • 9-G Tie-down system
    • Meets Stage III Noise Limitations

    Detailed Information


    • Kelowna Flightcraft R&D Ltd., Allison Gas Turbine and General Dynamics teamed to launch the Convair 5800 Program
    • Proven Reliability
    • Reconditioned/Remanufactured Airplane
    • Productivity:
      - 21,000 lb payload, 750 statute miles
      - 20,000 lb payload, 900 statute miles
      - 6.5 / 88" X 108" pallets
    • Pallets and containers are compatible with DC-9 and B-727 aircraft
    • Twin engine safety - superior single engine margins
    • EFIS Cockpit
    • Increased structure life
    • Meets all Stage III noise requirements
    • Fills unique position between Part-135 aircraft and first generation jet aircraft
For more information please contact Barry Lapointe, at (250) 491-5500.